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20. September 2021
05. July 2021
The International Dispensary was one of the most important drug and medical supply organizations in China. It was established 1907 in Shanghai by among others Mr. How Zai-Fong, who was also the founder of the Commercial Press.
21. June 2021
Wing-On is an Australian-Hongkongnese retail group founded in 1897 and 1907 respectively. It expanded to Shanghai in 1918. Until it was nationalized in 1966, Wing On's Shanghai branch was one of the "four great department stores" of Shanghai. Depicted is a 1940s edition of their monthly customer magazine featuring latest news, merchandise and a wide array of brand adverts.
07. June 2021
03. May 2021
05. April 2021
08. March 2021
The January 1935 edition of Fortuna Magazine featured a special on the "Shanghai Boom". All pages digitized below
05. October 2020
1930s advertisement poster by Japanese skincare brand "Rolling" (珞玲牌化粧品) together with matching original products. Incl. a spelling mistake of the manufacturers Name T. Matsumoto Co.. Little is known about the company except that it was from Osaka and that it's China head office was in Harbin, then part of the Empire of Manchuria.
20. July 2020
13. July 2020

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