1927 Sketch of a proposed "ricsha advertising plan for Shanghai"

Sketch of a proposed "ricsha advertising plan for Shanghai", submitted to the Municipal Council by the National Advertising Agency in November 1927. After some back and forth with the Traffic Committee and the Secretary to Commissioner of Police, the Council did in fact grant permission to utilize the public ricsha and its puller for advertising purposes in February 1928!


Whether it was ever implemented though we do not know - no photographic record has been found so far.


Source: S.M.C. archives, unearthed and digitally preserved by Cécile Armand.

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    Katya Knyazeva (Saturday, 20 November 2021 05:34)

    Fun find! This 1930 cartoon is also related: https://madspace.org/Sketches/?ID=106
    Judging by old photos of Shanghai rickshaws, they did not become vehicles of advertising.