Earth Balm brand poster, promotional postcards & products

Various posters, postcards and product packaging from the MOFBA collection. Girl in pink Qipao is actress Liang Saishan 梁赛珊.

Earth Pharmaceuticals (アース製薬) is a leading Japanese FMCG brand manufacturer, founded 1892 in Osaka by pharmacist Hidezo Kimura. In 1925 Kimura Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. was established which also maintained a production facility in Shanghai sometime in the 1930s under the name of Kimura Chemicals Co. Ltd (环球公司 / 上海环球大药厂). The company’s advertisements in China show an enchanting blend of Japanese, Chinese and Western style elements of the time. 


After the Second World War the company re-entered China only in 1990 when a chemical plant was opened in Tianjin and in 2015 the Earth Chemical Management company was incorporated in Shanghai: 

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