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29. May 2021
26. May 2021
The Doumer Apartments on Route Doumer (now Donghu Lu). Designed in 1941 by Alexandre Kooklin and financed by Shlema Shimonovitch Moshinsky and his son Abe, the owners of the Shanghai Card Board Box Factory. Among others the factory produced packaging for the famous Hazelwood ice cream. Shlema's grandson Sam Moshinksy - a true Shanghailander - was born in 1934 and documented his childhood and youth growing up in old Shanghai in the book "Goodbye Shanghai"...
24. May 2021
"Hahaha smoking Hatamen cigarettes has made me a pile". Wordplay on the old proverb 身发财发,量大福大 "A fatter body increases the capacity for good fortune". Hahajing (哈哈镜), literally haha mirror, is also the Chinese word for a distorting mirror.
26. April 2021
14. April 2021
12. April 2021
29. March 2021
22. March 2021
15. March 2021
“Mr. Yuan,” she said, “would you like to come over to my table and have a cigarette?” “I would be honoured to. Please have one of my cigarettes.” “No, thanks. I only smoke Craven A.” “Why Craven A?” “Because I love their gentle smell.” We walked to her table and sat down. “From now on I shall call you Craven A,” I said jokingly. “Be careful. Black cats are harbingers of bad luck.” She pointed at the little black cat depicted on the lid of my red cigarette case....
01. March 2021

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