“When a trademark becomes old” – humorous take on the Pirate cigarettes brand from the 1936 cartoon magazine “Caricature Circles” (漫画界)

Pirate by British tobacco producer W.D. & H.O. Wills (later exclusively distributed by British American Tobacco), was one of the earliest Western cigarette brands to enter China in 1891. It was also one the most, if not the most well known foreign tobacco brands.


Caricature Circles was a short live cartoon magazine published by Shanghai Cartoon Construction Publishing House under Wang Dunqing, as Editor-in-Chief The above cartoon is from the first edition. Only a total of 8 issues was ever published before the magazine was discontinued at the end of the same year in November 1936. Its predecessor was the monthly magazine "Comic of the Times", which was banned by the Kuomintang authorities in March 1936.

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