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27. June 2023
1940s print advertisement for the Warrior (Huili) sports shoe brand from Shanghai, China. From the MOFBA collection.
This week’s post about an artifact from our collection, is a short follow-up to an article we published a few weeks ago, and reveals the surprising international origin of the Shanghai cult sneaker brand Warrior’s Chinese name. Warrior sport shoes first gather mainstream attention across China, when in 1956 the classic Warrior WB 565 was specifically designed for China’s national men’s basketball team participating in the Olympics. During the 1960s & ‘70s the brand became the...
29. May 2023
A beautifully illustrated advertisement hand fan for the Shanghai Auditorium promoting Hai-Alai & Boxing. From the MOFBA collection.
Thrills Galore!! This beautifully illustrated 1930s advertising hand fan for the Shanghai Auditorium, reminds us of world’s fastest sport, Hai-Alai, which once was China’s hottest new game, but nowadays is entirely forgotten in the country. Here’s what it was all about:
18. December 2022
The earliest form of football has actually been recognized by FIFA as the Chinese game of Cuju or Tsu' Chu (蹴鞠), dating back to the 3rd century BC. A competitive form of Cuju was already used then as fitness training for soldiers, while other forms were played for entertainment.
27. June 2022
A 1930s Agfa Film Wallet in art-deco design by Mackenzie Sports Co. Shanghai. Mackenzie Sports was a mid-1930s sports store in Shanghai, offering a wide range of sports equipment such as for tennis and boxing, and seemingly also offered photo development services. The shop was owned by R. Nymphius, an active tennis player in the local leagues of the time himself.
25. October 2021
"Wise men all choose to smoke Pirate cigarettes". They apparently are also awesome at basketball... 1930s ad poster from British American Tobacco (BAT) brand Pirate cigarettes.