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12. July 2024
1925 Chinese calendar poster advertisement for BASF featuring Mei Lanfang and designed by Hang Zhiying. From the MOFBA collection.
Cross-dressing KOL’s, German dyes and Republican China’s most prolific commercial artist: This gorgeous 1925 calendar poster for BASF from our collection, ties back to a lot of topics we previously covered. Follow along for a short but colorful review.
09. January 2023
A tin advertising for Farbwerke vorm. Meister Lucius & Brüning depicting an imagined scene of a medieval German king meeting a Qing Dynasty emperor. From the MOFBA collection.
"Once upon a time, on a fair and wondrous day, the brave King of the Franks did journey to the fabled land of Cathay. Resplendent in his ermine-trimmed robes, he arrived at the Imperial Palace in the celestial city of Beijing. There, he was greeted with the utmost reverence by the Son of Heaven, the august Emperor of China, who was attired in his finest silks and adorned with glittering jewels. When the two monarchs took their seats of honor, a hush fell over the court, for all knew that this...