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24. May 2021
"Hahaha smoking Hatamen cigarettes has made me a pile". Wordplay on the old proverb 身发财发,量大福大 "A fatter body increases the capacity for good fortune". Hahajing (哈哈镜), literally haha mirror, is also the Chinese word for a distorting mirror.
12. April 2021
01. March 2021
"No non-sense woman" My Dear cigarettes newspaper ad from the MOFBA collection
The My Dear, or Měilì (美丽牌) cigarettes brand by Hwa Ching Tobacco (华成烟草股份有限公司) was famous for its advertisements depicting modern Chinese girls, often alone and frequently assertive, exhibiting an individuality and independence missing from the traditional pictorial genre. A Chinese version of the Mae West-style no-nonsense female - the epitome of the modern Shanghai lass.
25. January 2021
1940s "History of the Anti-Japanese War" cigarette card collection: a highly effective way to drive customer loyalty - you gotta collect 'em all!
26. December 2020
24. December 2020
23. December 2020
14. December 2020
30. November 2020
07. September 2020
China has been plagued by copycat brands for over 100 years. More on the fascinating story of Pirate cigarettes here

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