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05. July 2024
1936 Shenbao newspaper advertisement for the Phoebus Cartel, represented by the China United Lamp Co. with an original Chinese Philips light bulb. From the MOFBA collection.
Behold an original 1930s Philips light bulb from our collection. If you look closely, you’ll however notice a strange ad behind it: A hint at the largest global business conspiracy you have never heard of and that found its end by what eventually unfolded in China.
17. May 2023
Cover of the Japanese Magazine "The International Graphic", 1941. From the MOFBA collection.
A Westerner with Swastika armband stands in front of a building with Nazi flags & is surrounded by Asian soldiers. What is going on here!? Sit back & enjoy an unbelievable story that has it all: The Shanghai underworld, Japanese, Jews, double agents & false advertising.
21. March 2022
Screenshot from the Sotheby's Lai Chong Studio, General Ko-Lin auction page March 21st 2022
Beijing-based art collector Tong Bingxue today voiced his concerns on Twitter over the authenticity of a piece currently on auction at Sotheby's. We love ourselves a good old China mystery (especially when it possibly is around false advertising) and were quickly able to not only confirm suspicions over the provenance of "the earliest known dated photograph by a Chinese photographer" but uncover a shocking lack of research and fact-checking across reputable auction houses such as Christie's,...